Rust Removal

Rust Cleaning

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Rust Removal

All materials exhibit specific characteristics that determine their reactions under certain conditions. When it comes to removing rust from metals, it's essential to consider the ablation threshold.

Laser parameters can be configured to ensure that the intensity of the laser beam is slightly above the ablation threshold of rust but below that of the metal being cleaned. If the laser beam is applied to the metal surface with an intensity below its ablation threshold, the laser energy dissipates as heat once the rust is eliminated.

The outcome is a clean surface, with rust and dirt layers vaporized without causing lasting damage to the underlying material.

Get Rid of Consumables & Go Green

As an environmentally friendly technology, laser cleaning serves as a sustainable alternative to methods that rely on consumables or chemicals to remove rust. It stands as the sole solution that aligns with environmental protection regulations. Moreover, pulsed fiber lasers boast low energy consumption.

While laser cleaning does produce a minimal amount of airborne dust, it can be promptly collected using a dust extraction system, which we can supply and configure for your specific requirements if necessary.

Create a Safe Workplace

In manufacturing environments, lasers are exceptionally safe when they are combined with a dust extraction system and a Class-1 laser safety enclosure.

With these components in position, individuals working in close proximity to the laser system do not require personal protective equipment for respiratory, hearing, or bodily protection. Furthermore, they are no longer exposed to hazardous materials.